The Sweeping Second: Luxury Watch Consulting

The Sweeping Second is the ultimate destination for luxury watch consulting and product selection. Our team comprises seasoned experts and avid collectors who offer tailored consulting services to meet your unique preferences. Whether you're in pursuit of a specific timepiece or open to recommendations to complement your existing collection, we're here to attentively listen and suggest timepieces that suit you perfectly.

Luxury Timepiece Procument


Whether you're an avid collector, a first-time buyer, or looking for a remarkable gift, The Sweeping Second is your gateway to timeless luxury. Discover the world of horological excellence with us and elevate your watch collection to new heights.

Contact us today, and let's embark on an unforgettable journey to find your perfect luxury timepiece.


Timepiece Apprisal and Valuation


Whether you're looking to sell your watch, update your insurance coverage, or simply gain insight into your timepiece's worth, The Sweeping Seconds is your reliable partner for professional watch appraisal and valuation services.

Discover the true value of your watch today by entrusting it to our experts. Contact us to get started and unlock the potential of your cherished timepiece.